The becreate Film Platform and Hypervideos

The platform allows you to upload films, and to share and discuss them with your workgroup. It becomes accessible to you after registration.

You can create hypervideos on the becreate Film Platform, and share and edit them with your colleagues.

What are Hypervideos?

Imagine a hypervideo as a composite or a collector. At the centre of the composite is an actual video clip. In addition to the clip, the hypervideo also contains elements such as comments, links – for example to Wikipedia, PDFs, knowledge sources, and so forth.

A Hypervideo also combines a video clip, comments and any knowledge sources that are available online.

Hypervideos and the film platform are based on the open source Software FrameTrail

How to create a Hypervideo?

Hint: you need a video file in the mp4 format. The maximal allowed file size is 700 MB. If you would like to convert a video or a sound file into mp4, use this:


Start like this: Activate the plus icon on the menu bar.

Once you have done so, the following dialogue will open.


In this area, you decide which of your video clips will be added to the hypervideo.


The dialogue field shows you clips that you have already uploaded previously, because you can also create several hypervideos from one clip. You have the option to select ‘Upload new video file’, then choose a file from your computer, if no video clips are available on the platform.

The uploaded clips are the small images in the centre. Select a clip to add it to your hypervideo.

Assign your hypervideo to a becreate (inter)connected Media Project. If you share the project later, your group colleagues can see and comment on the video.

Give your hypervideo a name and description, and finish by activating the ‘Create hypervideo’ button.

Once the hypervideo is listed on the main page, it can be watched, commented on or edited further.