Designing creative Open Projects

becreate is based on the didactically helpful mindset, that a process opens, and then closes again. For example, this is clearly evident with (inter)connected Media. Here, an Open Project provides you with total creative freedom. You design the project phases to suit your needs. The context of opening and closing is only indirectly traceable, via the colour coding. 


Here, you will find a more general introduction to creative working and innovative projects:  

→ Web Based Training

This link will start Chapter 1, 'Foundations of and for creativity and innovation' in the Web-Based Training 'Create'.

Project Sections

The Open Project leaves it up to you to decide what type of phase progression is suitable for your project. Maybe you need to begin with an essential project section; that is the general phase. For example, it could correspond to a bar in a GANTT DIAGRAM.




You could also define it more specifically. Maybe you realise that your project contains a presentation phase, or that there is a need for a coaching phase.

The phases differ in terms of methods and results, and with regard to what is available to you

The phases also differ according to the method descriptions that are offered as aids. The general phase shows you all the methods that are available on becreate: