Peer presentation

Present your film to a group of people who will subsequently provide you with feedback.


  • Dauer
    Long (more than 1 hour)
  • Schwierigkeit
  • Gruppengrösse
    5 bis 10 Personen

Diese Methode ist nicht geeignet für online.

Genaue Beschreibung

This phase consists of professional presentation, reflection and mutual feedback. Depending on the setting, the presentation will be done with a PC, a laptop or another mobile device. It is your responsibility to ensure that everything is organised and runs smoothly.


You will provide feedback for other projects, based on determined criteria and indicators, but you will also receive an evaluation for yours. Examples of what need to be evaluated are the structural consistency, the quality of your sources and your reasoning. A unique form of feedback is self-reflection, based on a prepared self-evaluation of what one could expect of you.



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